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What is Megatronics?

Megatronics also known as mechatronics engineering, (a combination of two or more academic disciplines into one) branch of engineering that focuses on the engineering of electronic, electrical, and mechanical engineering systems, plus a combination of robotics, computer, telecommunications, control systems, etc.

With an experience of more than 10 years, Megatronics Industrial Automation System Pvt Ltd. is widely known as an automation company that offers expertise in designing, manufacturing/distributor for various Industrial Automation, Electrical Automation and Communication systems engineering products focused on quality, reliability and innovation, what makes Megatronics stand out in this domain with our rich and valued experience across the country. Our automation and control products solutions keep in tune with the developing technologies with the wide variety of industry experiences that we have with the different connected devices.

Megatronics factory data monitoring for the various connected devices gives you insights into the different parameters through the Cloud-based platform connected through the different communication systems. Through the monitoring software, different reports and formats are available that can be accessed daily, weekly, and monthly.

It's a smart monitoring system that helps in analysing the consumption, usage, costs, power factor, voltage, water levels, fuel levels, and efficiency, and several other factors that can be useful for the business in capturing the data without being physically present over there. We design powerful OEE for measuring the manufacturing companies. We use a powerful platform to record, monitor, and report OEE data.

Why we use Megatronics Industrial Automation in the industry?

The main course of Megatronics is an optimization algorithm. Building Monitoring management systems utilizing FDM servers and digital communication can provide adaptive operational optimization. The intelligent monitoring system is designed to optimize the various parameters of the connected devices through the communication protocol and transmit it further via WIFI and the internet using laptops and Apps. This mean user can centrally manage the systems using our solutions which can help in reducing the complexities and operational efficiencies.

FDM-based solutions can be overlaid on the customers' current installations and sites without massive investments and costs offer a wide variety of advantages including in terms of costs, ease of implementation, and reliability.

There are many objectives of Megatronics software including an application to maintain the frequency of the power distribution system and keeping tie-line power close to schedule values.

The other objectives include smart fuel monitoring system, power factor monitoring system, chiller monitoring system, machine downtime monitoring system, ups performance monitoring system, air monitoring system, tank level monitoring system, solar monitoring and reporting system, smart temperature and humidity data logger system for server rooms with energy monitoring like power saver, consumption through FDM server.

Built on the cloud-based platform our solutions provide monitoring for various industrial devices. Through the Megatronics industrial automation software, users can monitor the device from anywhere as the information is synchronized with the website and helps in making real-time data-driven decisions.

The data obtained for such actions are used to give analysis for performing futuristic actions like planning, optimization, and maintenance schedules, etc. on a daily, weekly and monthly basis and produce the charts and graphs for analysis.

Megatronics offers an advance and highly reliable solution to industries for monitoring the loads across their industrial infrastructure. The information can be read through a cloud-based infrastructure and can be highly reliable and secure.

What is Industrial Automation and why it is needed?

Industrial automation is a combination of control systems, such as computers or robots, programmable devices, and information technologies for handling different processes and machinery in an industry or different sectors to fulfil repetitive functions or tasks. It is the second step beyond mechanization in the scope of industrialization.

Megatronics Industrial Automation Systems is a Manufacturer and Trader of Industrial Communication modules and converters, Control panels, Energy Monitoring systems, Automation Systems, Temperature Data Logging Software, PLC panels, Power factor monitoring system, Solar monitoring system, Fuel level monitoring system, etc.

Benefits of using the Automation technology

  • Achieve higher production rates which result in increased productivity.
  • More efficient use of materials.
  • Better product quality.
  • Better safety environment for the staff.

The only drawback of Industrial Automation is that it is a little costlier because the initial investment is high.

As in the time of innovation, Industrial automation technology is booming day by day, various industries are now adopting the automation technology as it has huge benefits, such as increased productivity, quality, safety at low costs, and lots more.

What are the advantages of using it?

Megatronics cloud-based monitoring and reporting system is already a practical innovation for the monitoring of numerous measurement parameters using the FDM server giving you full support over your system. There are many benefits of using it and we have listed some of them:

How they help in industry automation and why FDM is needed?

Megatronics – FDM (Factory Data Manager) cloud is designed to integrate, monitor, and create meaningful reports for process data in real-time. They can help you visualize it better; you can monitor and manage all your data that can be monitored and reported.

The FDM solutions are being highly adopted for the development of smart product management companies and other applications. To deal with bulk productions smarter machines have been introduced to increase work flexibility and reduce manual tasks. They have an incredibly large number of features list which includes online monitoring, auto emails, notifications charts, dashboards, etc.

There are some basic and advanced accessories available that are used to automate the process and help data monitoring.

With the Factory data manager of Megatronics, you can monitor energy levels, consumption, power quality, solar monitoring system, fuel monitoring, and solar monitoring and reporting system, etc. with a wide variety of usage in different industries. The usage and tracking with the FDM Server are different for different sets of industries irrespective of reporting platforms and tools.

The different industrial automation features help in getting the controlled services at the doorstep and can optimize the costs as per the requirement.

Through the FDM cloud-based system we can automate most of the services like power quality, energy consumption, solar monitoring, fuel monitoring, ups monitoring, tank level, etc. These will help in getting the dashboards and insights in the form of reports and pdf. All of the automation products being manufactured and marketed by our automation company can generate insights for the various industries.

Why Choose Us?


Measurement is the first step to improve the processes of any organization. Try to be accurate in implementing measurement tools and strategies.


Benchmarking is necessary to measure your performance, Benchmark the current status of variables using cutting edge technology.


Innovation always brings a new way to do things more accurately; Practice innovation to stay ahead of the competition.


Innovation always compares how much you improve; Make Rules to Implement innovated ideas and Repeat the Whole Process to Benefit more.

Our Product

What we do at Megatronics Lab?

Megatronics lab is a leader in the monitoring and reporting of connected devices with the FDM software. It is a monitoring system that helps you in getting the daily, weekly, monthly reports. It helps in designing powerful OEE for product manufacturing and helps in increasing the overall productivity.

It provides advanced and highly reliable solutions for the industries to monitor the load and other parameters across their industrial infrastructure. We use a powerful FDM platform to record monitor OEE.

Cloud computing services from us provide a pool of resources such as storage, servers, and computing ensuring they can scale up and down computing capabilities as the client needs to change. With our server installation, you can use the smart data and logging system that can monitor the devices and help you in analysing the industrial parameters.

Megatronics is highly refined and easy to use while offering a large set of features. Our Data management software based on cloud services continuously monitors connected devices and instruments while alerting the system with notifications and alarms.

What does it mean and What is OEE?

In simple words, we can say that Megatronics is a system of interrelated devices or equipment exchanging the data through the network without human intervention.

It delivers optimized solutions for the connected devices on remote or local by using the FDM server. It is used to implement standard OEE systems on the factory floor. OEE is used to measure the performance of an asset that is connected remotely and gives the analysis of the production capabilities and eliminates equipment losses.

OEE is a manufacturing best practice and by observing OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) and loss reports you will gain systematic insights into how to improve it. We offer localized and cloud-based services giving our customers a setup of their preference.

With real-time OEE visibility, you will be able to make ad hoc corrective action quickly. With the FDM software package, you can manage central data management and visualization of stored records. It allows measurement values and diagnostics events, live data from connected devices are available. It helps industries to save almost 35% of energies that are lost in the industrial environment due to less effective machines.

Through industrial automation systems you can observe and understand the pulses of machines and key performance indicators for processes.

Our real-time dashboards let you make immediate changes in your consumption pattern and acts as a real-time audit tool.

Digitization and automation at all levels are important for connecting users to the grid and preparing for future demands. The FDM software system is a complete monitoring system that connects through the devices to capture the data remotely using the cloud server, where you can access it on your systems.










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