Cold Storage Temperature Monitoring Systems

Cold Storage Temperature Monitoring Systems

The term cold storage covers a wide variety of areas from refrigerators to the entire cold chain. Megatronics cold storage temperature monitoring system helps in maintaining the suitable environment condition in cold storage facilities. The ability to control and monitor these temperatures at chilled spaces ensures the safety of stocks.

It provides early warning alerts and notifications on account of critical conditions that enable end-to-end visibility of the entire production chain. Some storage items need to store from some days to years depending upon the usage. Hence these should be kept under a controlled temperature and the set of conditions through which they can be monitored and recorded.

Cold storage monitoring system help in maintaining the desired temperature which when exceeded can trigger an alarm. The ability to monitor and control the temperature within these chilled areas can help maintain the stock for the required time period.

Cold Storage Temperature Monitoring Systems from Megatronics

Through Megatronics cold storage temperature monitoring systems you can monitors the data periodically to ensure the items have been maintained under the defined conditions. It helps in maintaining suitable environmental conditions in cold storage facilities.

With the data loggers that help to monitor out of hours, the data show the retrospective view of what happened overnight. It helps in monitoring the temperature of freezers, warehouse and processing facilities and cold chain logistics, and many other areas through a temp. sensor, humidity sensor, and compressor devices.

These are programmable temperature and event logger systems with integral alarm and auto-dialer options, principally used for monitoring storage conditions in primary and intermediate vaccine stores where WIFs are installed.

The temperature sensors and humidity sensors are connected through the communication systems like RS485 and Temp. sensor and compressors connected via TCP to LAN converter which can act as wireless data loggers and further measured data is logged into the central database through the FDM server via the wifi and connected LAN devices which can be accessed through the users.

Due to the severity of damage from insufficient temperature for certain types of goods the cold storage monitoring system provides strict temperature monitoring requirements that can ensure the safety of food and the entire product value chain.

An email or automated alarms are sent via the dashboards in case of a temperature excursion. There is a flexible web-based software platform via GPRS that collects data from various locations into an integrated real-time view.

The software platform creates real-time visibility, alerts, history reports, analysis and is accessible via Login and Password through any web browser without installation of any software.

Benefits of using the cloud-based monitoring system

  • 1. Real-time monitoring
  • 2. Well organized stock management
  • 3. Minimizes human involvement
  • 4. Cold storage temperature monitoring
  • Etc.

The ability to monitor the areas like critical conditions, temperature rise automatically and with notifications on a real-time basis can help users decide to take further actions.

Cloud-based cold storage monitoring allows users to access the system remotely and can manage the areas remotely without being present over there.

Our cold space monitoring system reduces damage and financial losses associated with inappropriate cold supply systems.


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