Why Air Compressor Monitoring Systems are needed?

Why Air Compressor Monitoring Systems are needed?

Compressor monitoring maximizes your compressor proficiency and minimizes the chance of downtime with complete compressor remote management. The monitoring system provides the parameters for air compressor, start/stop and fault status alerts of exhaust overpressure, overtemperature protection results in full control over production units.

Megatronics help you connect and remotely manage your compressors that can help regulate your business operations. We keep your compressors running at peak efficiency with the help of the compressor data. Compressor uptime is crucial in the industrial process, but it is not always easy to physically oversee compressor equipment. Large, remote facilities are much to gain from remote air compressor monitoring systems

Modern industrial automation systems have options for remote monitoring of industrial equipment such as compressors have the sensors installed on specific points of machine that can be paired with the online analyzing system using the wireless technology giving access to assets condition. Mechatronics FDM server connects to your Air compressor through the Rs485 or the LAN transmission network and streams high-quality data using sensors compressor data. It automatically uploads and visualizes compressor data to cloud in the real-time.

Dynamic reports, web dashboards and emails, and alerts with many more features can help automate workflows. Which helps to lower the costs and increases operational efficiency.

Features that are associated with the real-time air compressor monitoring system

  • 1. Real-time compressor data monitoring
  • 2. Real-time compressor data streams
  • 3. Notifications on compressor shutdowns, warning, and faults
  • 4. Cloud-based data storage and security
  • 5. Expert support in every way
  • 6. Preventive maintenance notifications
  • 7. Interactive Dashboards
  • 8. Automate emails and notifications
  • 9. Exhaust overpressure and overtemperature protection

Megatronics compressor monitoring systems

Our compressor monitoring system works from complete monitoring from the input electrical power consumption to the output air produced from the system. Easy to implement Megatronics air monitoring system provides crucial system information including the key performance indicators to manage air compressors and their associated costs.

With industrial automation, remote monitoring of compressor systems allows you to be proactive and helps you in providing alerts and identifying issues and hence saves a lot of time. For ensuring that air compressors are not using more power, it is necessary to monitor the efficiency of air compressors through the following parameters: on/off, fault status alerts on exhaust overpressure, over-temperature production. 

Additionally, by monitoring these parameters, facility maintenance can conduct preventive maintenance.

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