Smart (DG) Diesel Generator Monitoring Systems Solution

Smart (DG) Diesel Generator Monitoring Systems Solution

To meet up the 24/7 uninterrupted power supply challenges most businesses, industries, hospitals, and other sectors use Diesel Generator as a backup power source. Therefore, it is very vital to provide power in times of grid or mains failure. So, it becomes quite necessary to monitor the diesel generator systems for effective efficiency.

Diesel generator monitoring systems are designed to work with any generators to monitor and provide real-time information on KPI such as fuel consumption, diesel generator run hours, fuel refills, report on power generation, generator health, and much more.

How we can help in monitoring the diesel generators and its need?

Our algorithms are designed for automated remote monitoring of diesel generators and give the maximum accuracy in measurements. Our Wireless diesel generator monitoring systems can convert your generators into a smart system with effective control of the KPI remotely.

Reporting problems can minimize the downtime of the generators and increase the availability by sending alert messages immediately to you for diagnosis and emergency service. Our industrial automation monitoring system is a comprehensive diesel generator monitoring solution that helps in monitoring diesel generators using proven technology. It will help to increases the reliability of your generators by eliminating maximum shutdown, fail-to-start situations, less wastage, and more.

Our system will provide the accuracy of fuel through the fuel sensors. Cost-effective diesel generators monitoring system connects all major brands of generators providing access to the diagnostic information.

  • 1. Monitor your Diesel generators 24*7 using cloud application
  • 2. Receive daily weekly monthly reports to your email
  • 3. Know the load patterns and total energy generated in any time period
  • 4. Get detailed reports of diesel full, empty, On / OFF mains, etc.

Diesel generators are extremely important especially when the power grid is not reliable or when unexpected long-time power outages and downtimes have happened. Using diesel power generators can help overcome these problems and can provide solutions on various parameters associated with generators. Its advanced notification system can detect fuel theft and is capable of identifying fuel leakage.

Benefits of using the Smart Diesel Generator monitoring system

  • 1. Increase efficiency
  • 2. Prevent diesel theft
  • 3. Reduce maintenance cost
  • 4. Preventive maintenance
  • 5. Corrective measures
  • 6. Improved equipment health
  • 7. Sends alerts if there is any deviation
  • 8. Real-time interactive dashboards
  • 9. Get optimum energy units per liteR
  • 10. Real-time tracking
  • 11. Automated Scheduling

Our industrial automation remote monitoring solutions help various industries to monitor generators from remote-control technology. The software that is installed remotely provides the insights of interactive dashboards, reports, auto alerts, automated emails, charts, online monitoring, and much more.

Megatronics system works on the DG Monitoring and generator via the communication networks and gets data transmitted through the cloud server to the various devices in the form of laptops and mobiles.

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