Improve ROI with Fuel Monitoring Systems

Improve ROI with Fuel Monitoring Systems

As the fuel prices are going high day by day in India, every industry wants to monitor its fuel consumption, losses, and subsequent costs. Therefore, Megatronics develop effectively and smart fuel monitoring systems which is one of the core requirements for tracking systems for Oil tanks, Petrol, diesel tank, and etc. With industrial automation systems, anyone can have remote real-time tank monitoring and is used to track, monitor, and control the fuel consumption and available stock in any industry. There are many areas where a fuel level monitoring systems is observed:

  • 1. Fuel Tank monitoring
  • 2. Water tank level monitoring
  • 3. Oil tanker monitoring
  • 4. Diesel fuel tank level monitoring
  • 5. Petrochemicals Plants monitoring
  • 6. Flood management

How does it work and why it is needed?

We mount the level sensors in the tank. The sensor senses the distance between the fluid and itself and sends the distance data.

Further, the data is transmitted to our cloud server through the network layer in the form of LAN and RS485. The raw is further converted into more meaningful information and can be accessed in the form of dashboards and analytics through the various operators at other sides of terminals accessing it in the form of PC’s tablets and more.

With the help of web dashboards on systems, users can determine how much fuel is left in the tank and it helps them to understand the approximate residues in the tank.

Fuel accounts for one of the major operational expenditures incurred by the owner. However private vehicle owners should prioritize minimizing their fuel costs. There are different types of vehicles like trucks, cars, etc. where you can monitor the level of fuel.

The fuel cost is always a matter of concern and fuel-saving can help in running a successful business operation and that industrial automation system. Fuel costs are increasingly becoming the reason for the loss of productivity for any business.

With smart fuel monitoring systems, Fuel usage can be optimized and also helps in any type of theft or leakage in the fuel tanks. In this the client gets rapid notifications on the fuel level and which saves them from difficult times.

Our product not only gives the current fuel level but also gives a summary in the form of charts and graphs from where users can drive the in-depth analysis.

Know the effective benefits of Fuel Level Monitoring Systems

  • 1. Real-time Updates
  • 2. Remote tank monitoring
  • 3. Fuel efficiency reports
  • 4. Fuel wastage detection
  • 5. Fuel drain
  • 6. Fuel consumption
  • 7. Ultra-resistant to humidity
  • 8. Rapid notification of fuel theft with location
  • etc.

Why choose us?

Megatronics smart fuel tank monitoring systems are designed in a simple way, easy to execute, and light. It measures the level accurately and reliably. In case there is a requirement for a customized fuel consumption report from our fuel monitoring system we can provide it in the dashboard itself.

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