Smart Pneumatic Air Monitoring System

Smart Pneumatic Air Monitoring System

Megatronics smart air monitoring system helps you monitor your air system with the features having the information like airflow, pressure, consumption, and the real-time energy consumption that can be tracked through the set of valves. Through the web dashboard of the air quality monitoring systems, you can track the reports of load, unload, and usage monitor that also includes airflow meter data pressure along with cost and leakages and many other features.

Leaks are significant sources of energy that contribute towards 20 to 30% of the compressor output. Fluctuating system pressure, Excess compressor capacity, and decreased service life can possibly affect the costs and production.

A user-friendly web-based interface makes it straightforward for technicians and operators to view and analyze the dashboards and reports through which they can ensure the product and process quality. This will help in managing the meter data pressure, costs, and temperatures with many more parameters associated with the system.

Need of Smart Air Quality monitoring system

Through the industrial automation smart air monitoring systems, the leakage management can be further optimized by placing the flow meters for air to allocate the leakage levels. When the leakage is fixed the consumption level drops significantly and hence results in cost savings. An air audit can be a great way of saving potential and based upon the results improvements can be made to your air systems. Moreover, through it, the consumption can be learned and any changes in the baseline can result in the actions as required.  

Moreover, a Megatronics monitoring system that provides proper alarms, dashboarding and reports, will provide the right insight to track the performance of your air system and other utilities. Megatronics air monitoring system provides a wide range of air monitoring needs for industrial hygiene, ambient air, and industrial source emissions applications. Smart Air measuring instruments enable you to determine your air consumption extremely precisely, Solenoid valve, air valve. In the process, each of our air meters is at the same time a pressure transmitter too, which is also capable of converting the measured value into a standardized electrical signal. 

This means that it can be integrated with your systems very easily. Both solenoid valve and Air valve are connected through the RS485 and TCP to LAN then can process the communication protocols of the sender through the signal and get it saved in the centralized database through the FDM server.

Later it can be transmitted via the GPRS that collects data from various locations into an integrated real-time view. The software platform that can be accessed in the form of dashboards can get reports and can send automatic emails and SMS on the leak’s pressures and consumption basis.

The software that is provided through Megatronics is having the features of automated emails, SMS web dashboards, multiple users, and many other features that are available to the engineers that can access it and make the corrective decision based on the outputs.

The benefits of the Smart Pneumatic Air monitoring systems

  • 1. Improve efficiency to lower energy costs
  • 2.Maximizes system reliability
  • 3. Minimizes maintenance costs
  • 4. Makes operating your air system easy

Accurately monitor the data is critical for end-users, because air systems are very complex and tend to expand over time.

Megatronics industrial automation pneumatic air monitoring systems provide high performance along with being used in a wide range of industries.

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