Automatic Power Factor Monitoring System

Automatic Power Factor Monitoring System

Automatic Power factor monitoring system is the essential demand of the current time as the world has experienced the Inductive loads a rapid increase in the load which affects the Power Factor and Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS) which also acts as Load on our Power System not only unavailability of the Power Demand but also affecting the systems working efficiency very badly sometimes even system failure.

What is Power Factor Monitoring System why it is needed?

Power factor monitoring system measures systems power efficiency which is an important aspect in improving the quality of supply. The power factor monitoring system provides information about the leading and lagging power factor in real-time and can save a lot of expenses and result in a huge amount of profit. Power factor can be monitored in real-time and is notified if it deviates from its range.

Megatronics FDM cloud-based software can be used to read meters and for consumption monitoring, energy analysis, and billing thereby achieving energy efficiency goals for utilities and enterprises using the inbuilt metering protocol.

Our software not only provides data from the discrete devices that can be viewed but also provides complex analysis on them. Protocols provide a common convention for power monitoring systems to communicate and exchange information through the wireless systems in an easy and phased manner.

The Energy meter connected to the system helps monitor the consumption of loads connected in the system. With this, the system can measure the power being consumed by the system.

Real time Power factor correction system measures efficiency and it is an important aspect in improving the quality of supply.

The aim of this project is to build an automatic power factor monitoring-based system which is able to monitor the energy consumption of a system and automatically improves its power factor.

Why Automatic Power factor correction systems are best?

By measuring the power factor and real power on any specific equipment anyone can easily judge the quality of that specific equipment. Megatronics power factor monitoring system is more compact, more reliable, less costly, and has the capability to control the load of the industrial or domestic load.

The working of the real time automatic power factor monitoring system works with the power factor panel connected through the Modem GPRS through which the signals are routed through the server and are available with the various end-users in the form of the web app, dashboards, etc.

The complete software includes online monitoring, web dashboards, auto emails, notifications, etc. The cloud network sends the information which is obtained through the panels can be available in the form of software with various functionalities. Electrical energy efficiency is the major importance of industrial and commercial companies in today's competitive markets.

Benefits of Real Time Power factor monitoring and alert system

Over the use of measures such as electricity consumption, power factor corrections are optimized, which ultimately leads to reduced energy consumption and reduced CO2 greenhouse gas emissions.

Wireless power monitoring systems have the ability to deploy in a wide range of applications, either for the power consumption measurement or the power generation measurement. The objectives of the power factor include:

  • 1. The load factor is continuously monitoring and it improves load quality.
  • 2. Industrial automation of power factor help to reduce the penalty
  • 3. To identify the abnormality before it happens
  • 4. To monitor the parameters of the system through an online server.

The loads among the industry are increasing and it affects the power factor along with system efficiency.

The project deals with the information on lagging and leading power factors that can result in savings and provides reports on the fluctuation power factor.

The principal objective of the study is to increase the power factor for domestic and industrial purposes.

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