Smart Energy Monitoring and Reporting System

Smart Energy Monitoring and Reporting System

Nowadays, the Energy monitoring system is the most demanded application to decrease the energy expenditure from the businesses. Megatronics delivers optimized solutions for Electrical energy generation, consumption by using the FDM server. It is used to implement standard OEE systems on the factory floor. This KPI is calculated from actual equipment availability, performance, and quality losses relative to maximum expected performance.

The smart energy monitoring system is closely linked to RS485 NETWORK where it reads the data from energy meters and transfers it to the cloud server. It effectively manages your system with visibility and control.

Data is processed and the data logger transfers the data to the LAN or Cloud server. Only the authorized person can access the transferred data. Data plays a crucial part to understand the behavior of energy consumption and rectifying the undesirable energy so that it can be used again in the business.

With real-time OEE visibility, you will be able to make ad hoc corrective action quickly. With the FDM software package, you can manage central data management and visualization of stored records. It allows measurement values and diagnostics events, live data from connected devices are available, and more. It helps industries to save almost 35% of energies that are lost in the industrial environment due to less effective machines. 

Our industrial automation energy management softwars continuously monitors connected devices and instruments in the field while alerting the system with notifications and alarms.

Smart energy monitoring and reporting systems provide energy management to achieve and maintain energy procurement and utilization.

The power monitoring system is accomplished through the use of energy meters along with the data management server. Multiple energy meters are closely linked to the network using the FDM server.

Energy monitoring system help in reading the data like energy usage, consumption trends, power factor through the energy meters. Our intelligent energy management system (EMS) can improve system utilization, increases reliability, predicts the performance of electrical & mechanical, and records energy usage with the aim to reduce costs. Our EMS is related to real-time monitoring, operation, and control of a power system.

Benefits of Smart Energy Monitoring Systems

Smart Energy monitoring systems adopted by Households, Industries, and energy suppliers benefit the maximum users from the economic and environmental point of view.

The objectives include the:

  • 1. Stability of the system
  • 2. Economic operation and control
  • 3. Optimization and maintenance scheduling
  • 4. EMS tracks the power consumption on a real-time basis for single or multiple devices.
  • 5. It helps in improving equipment productivity and life and helps industries to maximize the ROI and reduce power consumption by rectifying the wastage.

Energy management systems monitor industrial automation functions that allow facility resources to gather data and insight that allows them to make more informed decisions about energy levels all across the site.

Why our Energy monitoring system is best in the market?

Megatronics Energy monitoring system is used to monitor various parameters like load, daily, weekly, monthly reports with consumption, power factor, and energy demand anytime anywhere.

With the data-driven boilding efficient energy management systems to optimize energy efficacy and operation efficiency, it also helps in the Industry automation process, Effective Operation & Maintenance, Energy Saving by Energy accounting, and more.

The cloud-based meter reading data software which is also available for on-premise deployment is highly scalable and secure that can acquire data on a real-time basis, organize data, and available for internal and external aplications for presentation and anlysis in a systematic manner.



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