Why it is essential to have Smart Solar Monitoring System?

Why it is essential to have Smart Solar Monitoring System?

What is Solar monitoring system?

Solar monitoring system help to know the actual performance of your solar plant. As the installation of a solar plant is a very costly process so monitoring is a must need. Therefore, Megatronics has developed a solar monitors performance system that helps remotely, spot or predict failures and provide proactive maintenance of solar assets.

If we can analyze how much energy has to be generated then solar monitoring can generate an optimum level of energy. The Smart solar performance monitoring system provides info about outdoor solar radiation, reflected solar radiation, net radiation, and more. A smart solar monitoring system is the best way for your solar plant to look out the performance.

Need of Smart Solar Panel Monitoring Systems

Megatronics FDM is a cloud-based energy management platform to track your solar PV’S performance, identify anomalies and provide immediate support giving you full control of your system without being present there.

Solar performance  systems are the most efficient way of analyzing the energy and how it can be optimized according to usage. Importantly you will also gain insights into how much money your solaris actually saving you in energy costs.

With the help of Software and Dashboard,  that how many kilowatts hours of electricity is produced by the solar panels at any moment of time. The industrial automation solar monitoring system will also pinpoint the specific issue so that it can be resolved quickly and efficiently.

The success of our monitoring system depends completely upon the reliability of our communication network through which the data is transmitted through the cloud server. Megatronics smart solar performance monitoring system provides a sufficient amount of information regarding solar panels.

Solar monitoring is the best way of keeping the energy levels at desired levels and also ensures smooth performance. This is a cloud-based data management that enables the remote monitoring of the solar system irrespective of its size.

The data that is coming from the solar plates and inverters get transmitted through the network and can be used to highlight the various desired parameters. With the systems and mobile apps, the data is used for further analysis in the transformed form.

Our Software model FDM Cloud database server allows users to remotely collect  field data. The web dashboards that are present on laptops and desktops can be accessed via users to get the various form of analysis where production and usage can be monitored along with solar radiation refl data. This will ensure the performance of the solar plates and systems and helps consume a sufficient amount of energy.  

The solar monitoring system provides many benefits that can be availed:

  • 1. Best in class data quality
  • 2. Seamless functioning
  • 3. Forecast Performance
  • 4. Minimum huma intervention
  • 5. Immediately identify Low- performance areas
  • 6. Fast information
  • 7. Alerts of any earth faults
  • 8. Simplifies complex problem solving
  • 9. Easy access from a computer, smartphone, or tablet
  • 10. Full visibility of your system's technical and financial performance
  • 11. Monitor real-time parameters
  • 12. Visualization of production

It works on the same model as the raw data is collected from solar plates and solar inverter and then transmitted through a network using RS485 and LAN and then transmitted to the meaningful data through the transmission system where operators can access it in the form of web and dashboards.

The data that has been collected can be used for analytics, notifications, visualization, and in the form of web dashboards.

Smart Solar panel performance monitoring systems allow clients to collect, organize and access performance data and optimize the performance of their solar assets. Monitoring systems offer data on historical weather-based performance, so you can track whether that has impacted your solar system in the past.

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