Smart Tank Level Monitoring System Solutions

Smart Tank Level Monitoring System Solutions

With the Tank level monitoring system, you can remotely monitor the liquid level in the tank/reservoir in real-time very easily. It helps you in checking the fluid levels in multiple tanks across multiple sites. Using tank level monitoring you can manage the inventory of your sites effectively.

At various places, tank level sensors are used to check the number of fluid levels in it. These sensors come in a variety of designs as used by different industries. These sensors work at a level of equipment that is responsible for active monitoring of the specified parameters.

With industrial automation smart sensors, you have an attractive user-interface dashboard that allows you to monitor the tank levels from any web-enabled device including mobile. When tanks reach a high level or low level a trigger is activated in the form of alerts that will notify you so you arrange for it to be emptied or refilled.

Need of Smart Tank level monitoring system

A tank level monitoring system will use sensors (RS232, RS485) in real-time thus saving on the technicians to send to check the levels. With the cloud-based web portal, you’ll have access to the web dashboards and systems where you can identify the levels and have control of the number of tanks located remotely.

These systems can be used for monitoring different fluids like diesel, oil, fluids, and etc. The rising demand for safety and efficiency among numerous industries has boosted the growth of the tank level monitoring system in the market.

The solution is based on the FDM cloud server which connects various sensors deployed across remote tanks in various locations through the RS485 IN serial communication systems and also with LAN through the transmission network.

Further, the data is transmitted via the internet through the users via websites and apps. Megatronics tank level monitoring includes all types of tank level sensors. It is used to monitor a wide range of products and configurations.

Using the Megatronics remote tank level monitoring systems can provide many benefits like -

  • 1. Easily installed
  • 2. Fits any tank
  • 3. Automated emails and alerts
  • 4. Web dashboard
  • 5. Automated re-stock
  • 6. Fuel management system
  • 7. Reduced cost
  • 8. Fluid levels check
  • 9. Reduce manual operations
  • 10. Witness no overflow or dry running of water pumps
  • 11. Trace leaks in real-time

Our system is a cloud-based FDM server with customizable dashboards, reporting, and alerts. Thresholds can be configured for the tanks through sensors to alert customers when tanks are at full or empty levels.

Megatronics provide affordable solutions, easy to install, and can report data from tanks. With our multiple years of experience in remote tank level monitoring systems, we provide the freedom and accuracy which our automatic tank level monitoring system can bring to you.

Note - This will be in demand from most of the industries in the coming period with remote operations that can be mapped without much human intervention.

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