Why UPS Monitoring System is demanded?

Why UPS Monitoring System is demanded?

What is a UPS monitoring system?

UPS monitoring is the process of monitoring the different metrics devices of UPS in a network, like availability of voltage, current power, battery status, and charge status, so they are always up and in proper working condition. UPS monitoring system is important for maintenance, effective output, and upgrading your power system to handle power outages without interruptions.

UPS monitoring system helps in monitoring and management the essential part of the network systems that are operational in the business. Uninterruptible power supply monitoring plays an important part in the functioning of the organization which will lead to the effective output.

As the remote side monitoring is the last thing if any remote site fails. Megatronics industrial automation systems performance monitors the different metrics of the UPS including voltage, current, battery status and charge so they are always available and working. Monitoring the critical metrics is crucial for maintenance and uptime and can handle extended outages.

Need of UPS Performance Monitoring System

Batteries in UPS can encounter issues like conductance along with aging issues. UPS needs monitoring and control as they are susceptible to redundant power supplies and overheating. The remote monitoring system can monitor your UPS and can send customized emails and alerts in real-time and remotely so that the UPS performance is not interrupted and a continuous supply can be given.

Our UPS monitoring systems can collect status, health, and performance data and offers two-way communication capabilities that allow you to monitor the systems and respond when action is required. The system will provide alerts when the performance of UPS including output voltage etc. is not up to desired levels and when the battery is not performing to full capacity.

Most of the UPS-related issues are correlated with battery and to resolve this tracking of battery health via a monitoring system is quite crucial. With a monitoring system, you can monitor the availability, health, and performance of your uninterruptible power supply (UPS) devices from different vendors and ensure uninterrupted uptime for your network right from the cloud using the UPS monitoring tool.

You can also monitor other attributes through the UPS performance monitoring system like:

  • 1. Input Line voltage
  • 2. Input source
  • 3. Output voltage
  • 4. Charge
  • 5. Load
  • 6. Battery status
  • 7. Battery current
  • 8. Estimated charge remaining
  • 9. Time remaining
  • 10. Temperature

When the monitoring system is operated it collects messages sent from the UPS AND Battery. The system can connect through the TCP/IP converted to LAN or RS485 transmission network where the signals and raw information are sent to the FDM server.

Further through the internet connection, it can be accessed through PCs, laptops, and mobiles. The software installed has the features of online monitoring, web dashboards, and reports that can be viewed to capture the various parameters associated with UPS.

Benefits of using the UPS monitoring systems:

  • 1. Send alarm and status remotely via text message and email
  • 2. Reports and dashboards
  • 3. Threshold limits to avert issues
  • 4. Instant alerts
  • 5. Monitor and track UPS and battery performance over a period of time
  • 6. Generate reports and audit power management events.

With industrial automation systems, you can monitor different UPS that support micro, small, medium, and large data centers; network closets; server rooms; industrial power; and your home offices that support remote work. 

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