Vibration Alerts for machines

India is a speedily developing nation and has reached at a point where it is giving a tough competition to the other nations of the world because of its high potentials and talents. As we all know, the very high potential sector of our country is the manufacturing sector and making it more capable for the growth and development of our nation, we need to take several steps in this regard. The basic thing in which we can lack is of data availability of basic tools like motors, pump bearings, and other critical rotating equipment. Non-availability of data from these kinds of basic machines can also lead to substantial losses to the company.

Several instruments and equipment are being made regularly as the technologies are enhancing and developing very swiftly and so there is a need of an instrument that can record the data of the performance of simple and small tools and machines also. With the help of data only, one can perfectly know the actual and real performance of machines and equipment and can track the reasons for the non-performance of it. These small types of equipment can add largely to the better performance of the entire industry or the factory.

This problem can be overcome by using one of the techniques i.e. of vibration alert. Some of the benefits of this vibration alert are –

  1. The installation of it can be done within seconds through a magnetic connection.
  2. Immediate feedback can be gained through visual fault detecting indicators.
  3. It can be monitored remotely and wirelessly to see notifications and record data.

Features of the technology

  1. Industrial Data Enabler
  2. Local machine monitoring software and visualizations
  3. Cloud infrastructure with backend data analytics and dashboard
  4. Clear reports

Faults that can be diagnosed through this technique

  1. Motor Problems
  2. Mechanical looseness
  3. Bent Shaft
  4. Unbalance
  5. Cocked bearing
  6. Misalignment
  7. Gear Problems
  8. Foundation looseness

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