Megger test is for insulation which is suggested after the installation of the panel.


To maintain an electric panel, a user should avoid dust and carbon accumulation on switchgears, panel body or any other part. Time to time inspection is a must action in order to provide longer life to the panel.

Electric service upgradation means the cleaning of the electrical control panel and inspect for any cracks or faulty connections.

The difference is that the main electric panels are where the main supply is taken directly from the transformer or the sub transformer which is used as incomer supply. Its main objective is to convert direct current into alternating current whereas the sub electric panel is where the main supply is taken from the main electric panel as incomer supply. Its main objective is to channelize the alternating current further to the indoor electrical distribution boards.


Specifications and the drawing of a panel are the key factors affecting the panel design.


For manufacturer, Installation, Onsite Warranty and Overheads like machinery cost, labor, and electricity are the cost drivers. For dealers, Raw material has to be arranged by the dealer, Marketing cost, Logistics cost, various tests to be inducted before the installation, test certificates are the cost drivers.

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